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Located just 2 hours from San Jose, Selva Verde Lodge provides easy access to the wonders of the rainforest. For over 30 years, it has been a haven for nature enthusiasts from around the world. The abundant biodiversity, comfortable rainforest lodge, and exciting activities are ideal for adventure seekers, bird and wildlife watchers, students, and families. Come explore Selva Verde's 500 acres of vibrant tropical nature in the heart of Costa Rica's Sarapiqui Canton.
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About Holbrook

When Giovanna Holbrook took on the challenge of leading two University of Florida science professors and a group of naturalists to the Galápagos Islands in 1971, she had no way of knowing the lasting impact that experience would have on her life and on the lives of those traveling with her. Foregoing some creature comforts, the group journeyed throughout the archipelago aboard a retired navy vessel, propelled by their spirit of adventure and thirst for knowledge. At that time, the Galápagos was just celebrating its twelfth year as a national park, conservation work at the Charles Darwin Research Station was still in its infancy, and tourism in the islands was virtually non-existent.

Spurred by memories of her pioneering voyage to the Galapagos, a lifelong love of travel, and close ties to the local academic community, Giovanna embarked on a mission to design travel programs that were both educational and affordable. Her tireless efforts led to the birth of Holbrook Travel a few years later in 1974. Taking its first baby steps, Holbrook Travel focused on creating and running natural history programs for professors and students from the University of Florida and Santa Fé Community College in Gainesville, Florida. The company continued to grow and mature throughout the ensuing years, building relationships with a variety of organizations throughout the U.S. and overseas, and increasing its selection of travel destinations and program offerings.

In 1984, during the course of running a birding program in Costa Rica for the Pittsburgh Aviary, Giovanna Holbrook came across a large forested property in the Sarapiqui region that was in danger of being timbered. The owners wished to sell the 500 acres of mostly old growth forest and had already begun cutting some of the trees for lumber. When Giovanna saw a felled 900-year-old tree lying on the ground, she realized that appreciating nature and sharing its wonders with others was no longer enough—she also had to play a part in protecting and caring for it.

It took almost one year to raise the money, but by 1985 Giovanna was able to return to Costa Rica and buy the land. The once endangered forest became a private rainforest reserve and one of the country’s first eco-lodges, the Selva Verde Lodge and Rainforest Reserve. Selva Verde now plays an important role in the San Juan-La Selva Biological Corridor and the greater Mesoamerican Biological Corridor initiative, a proposal to create a corridor of protected habitats extending from Mexico and Belize all the way to Panama.

More than thirty years later, Holbrook Travel continues to serve the needs of teachers, students, academic institutions, and nature lovers. Although many changes have taken place over the years, Holbrook Travel has taken great care to remain true to its roots. As news of environmental concerns and world conflicts continue to fill the airwaves, it seems more important than ever to help people gain a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world and other cultures through first-hand experiences. In the words of Andrea Holbrook, president: “Our goal is to continue the great work my mother started.”