We know that you have a choice when choosing a travel provider, and we appreciate that you trust Holbrook with your travel plans. 

Referral rewards

Holbrook Travel offers a $100 incentive for introducing our services to new clients.

If you refer someone who has never traveled with us before and they book a trip within two years of the referral, we’ll give you a $100 check to show our gratitude. If they become a group leader, you’ll receive an extra $100 for every ten participants that travel with them. Group leaders cannot refer participants to their own programs.

Loyalty rewards

We’re grateful for your business and hope your experiences lead you to travel with us for many years to come.

To show our appreciation for your loyalty, we’ll credit $100 to your account on your second trip with us. If you’re a group leader, on your second program we’ll include a $100 check in your final documents instead.