Nine Useful Resources for High School Educators

Nine Useful Resources for High School Educators

Sep 29, 2015|K12 and Youth| by Jessica Samuelson
Whether you teach ninth-grade science or twelfth-grade physics, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest resources and hands-on activities available to help students learn outside of the classroom.

In this article you will find interactive classroom activities, environmental resources and professional development and funding opportunities.

  1. Activity: Time Travel to the Edge of the Universe and Back! - Here you can find a fun, hands-on classroom activity from PBS for high school students to study the size of the universe.
  2. The National High School Journal of Science is a free, online, student-run and peer-reviewed research journal that is targeted towards high school students. Encourage students to submit articles and get involved. This journal covers new ideas and topics having to do with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, the Environment and Policy.
  3. "Polar bears may survive ice melt, with or without seals" - An interesting research article about climate change and its effects. Great information to share with students!
  4. No Impact Project: Environmental Education Curriculum - Within this link is a free five-part environmental education lesson plan based on the "No Impact Experiment" film and book. This will help high school students explore the effects their everyday behavior has on the environment, their health and their well-being.
  5. TeachersCount: Grants for Teachers - This site offers a list of grants for teachers. There are many options available to apply for.
  6. Audubon Adventure: Record the Natural World - An easy outdoor art activity for students. Encourages students to study and appreciate nature while spending some time outside.
  7. Environmental Cleanup - How to create an annual environmental cleanup at your school from scratch!
  8. Teaching Outside the Classroom - A guide with resources for teaching outside of the classroom.
  9. "In Search of ‘Wild’ Costa Rica" - An article written by a woman about her family's unforgettable experience in Costa Rica.

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