No other country contains so many of the world’s extremes in such a relatively small area as Peru. From the world’s highest tropical mountains, to the world’s driest desert, the world’s most biologically diverse rainforest and the world’s most spectacular archaeological diversity, Peru presents visitors access to a full range of ecosystems and cultures, both ancient and contemporary.
Most famous for its colonial and pre-Colombian gems of Cusco and Machu Picchu, much of the country remains unexplored. With nearly 70 percent of its land covered in jungle, Peru is a frontier for new discoveries. Civilizations past and present have found a home in Peru’s historic Cusco, colonial Lima, and Amazonian Iquitos — the most populous city in the world not accessible by road. Peru has 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the coastal Caral-Supe, the oldest known civilization in the Americas. In fact, with Holbrook, travelers to Peru can explore a legacy of empires, with the Incas being the most recent. New archaeological finds ongoing at Chachapoyas, Machu Picchu, and along the coast indicate that much of ancient Peru remains hidden under the surface. Holbrook, an early pioneer in travel to the region, surpasses other Peru tour companies in knowledge of the country. Holbrook was one of the first companies to lead travelers to remote Manú National Park and biosphere reserve. From the Urubamba River to the Andean highlands, as your Peru tour guide Holbrook is always on the frontier to present the true Peru and a journey of a lifetime.

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