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New "Extreme Adventure" Group Journeys

New "Extreme Adventure" Group Journeys

Apr 1, 2019|Holbrook in the Field| by Jordyn Kalman

After adding adventure trips a couple years back and seeing the success of them, we realized that the adventures we offered weren’t extreme enough for the true adventure lovers. So, we decided to add a brand new category of trips. Holbrook Travel is excited to announce the launch of “Extreme Adventure” journeys, which will be available to book starting in 2020.

Extreme Adventure is not for the faint of heart. It is for people who want to push their limits, test their strength, and have a constant flow of adrenaline in their system while traveling in another country. To best accomplish this goal and maximize the travelers’ excursion time, there will be no breaks or leisure time in the schedule.

      Photo by Dave H / Ridebig CC BY ND 2.0 via Flickr

Every day during your trip, you will get up as the sun is rising and begin your day. Some typical activities included in the Extreme Adventure Itineraries are free climbing a mountain, mountain biking down an incline of at least 45 degrees, base jumping, hiking at least 10 miles every day, bungee jumping, snorkeling with great white sharks and wrestling a grizzly bear. Activities will vary by destination. At the end of the day you are responsible for catching and cooking your own food as well as setting up your own tent to sleep in every night. Don’t worry, if you are ever scared or unsure about something, a trip leader will be there to scream in your face until you do the activity.


By Håkon Thingstad, CC BY SA 2.0 via Wiki Commons

Extreme Adventures are suitable for all ages and group types. Take a group of children to teach them valuable survival skills. Take your company on a work retreat to show employees their jobs are a piece of cake compared to this. Take your whole family, including the grandparents, to put a twist on a typical family vacation.

      Photo by Adam Kubalica, CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

The price of these journeys will range from $3,000 to $8,000, will last anywhere from 7 to 12 days, and are being developed in the uncharted territories of countries around the world. Get ready to be thrown into a random spot in the Peruvian Jungle or in the brush of the Alaskan wilderness, where there is no civilization for hundreds of miles.

      Photo by Christopher Jensen, CC BY ND 2.0 via Flickr

We are not responsible for any injuries, lost limbs, or deaths that occur on these trips. Having insurance is highly recommended before signing up. Contact your Holbrook Travel consultant today for more information on Extreme Adventure Journeys!


While “Extreme Adventures” are a little too intense to be offered here at Holbrook Travel, check out the other expeditions on our website that won’t put you in danger, make you cry, or tire you out.


Happy April Fool’s Day from Holbrook Travel!