**For Holbrook Travel's latest Covid-19 policies, including our risk-free booking terms, click here.**

Enhanced Health & Safety Protocols

When you travel with Holbrook, we’re here to support you with increased hygiene measures. Safety and security have always been our top priority. This policy will evolve over time as we monitor local situations and public health protocols. As always, we will make your experience in the field enriching and memorable. 

1. Face Masks and Hand Sanitizer

We recommend that all guests bring their preferred face coverings and hand sanitizer. We’ll have a small supply on hand as a backup as well, but you should have these items in personal belongings. In addition to face covering, washing hands and frequent use of hand sanitizer are simple and effective ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

2. Monitoring

During your travel, we’ll be monitoring our group for any signs of illness. Should a traveler show symptoms of Covid-19, they will be required to self-isolate immediately and seek medical attention to ensure their health and the welfare of the group as needed.

3. Leader Training

Our in-country group leaders have received training on enhanced safety guidelines, in addition to food-handling safety.

4. Sanitation Measures

All coaches and modes of transport will be sanitized regularly. We are working closely with our hotel and restaurant partners to ensure compliance with local health and hygiene guidelines.

5. Protocol for Suspected and Confirmed Covid-19 Cases

If a participant reports feeling ill and having symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they will be asked to self-isolate immediately to protect their health and fellow participants. They will be required to take a Covid-19 test. If they test negative, they will be permitted to rejoin the group.

6. Quarantine Provisions While In-country

Any participant who tests positive for Covid-19 while in a country will be required to follow quarantine regulations for that country if applicable. Holbrook Travel’s field team will assist you with arrangements to conform to that country’s quarantine regulations.

Travelers are required to cover their individual quarantine expenses. Holbrook will assist with arranging services but will not cover any expenses. Quarantine expenses are covered under many travel protection plans up to a specified amount. Travel protection can be purchased up until the time of departure. For more information contact your insurance provider. Holbrook Travel recommends the Trawick Safe Travels Voyager insurance program. Note: To cover the expense of in-country quarantine up to the specified amount, you only need to purchase post-departure travel protection; enter “$0” for the trip cost on the Trawick quote form.