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Galápagos Islands - Lake Region Audubon Society with Reinier Munguia

May 09, 2014 - May 19, 2014

Join Reinier on this 11-day expedition to experience the enchantment of the Galápagos Islands aboard Nemo II. This itinerary includes a...

Birding, Conservation, Expedition Cruises, Natural History, Photography

Costa Rica & Nicaragua - XII Festival Binacional de las Lapas

May 13, 2014 - May 19, 2014

The festival of the Great Green Macaw has taken place every year since 1997. This year the event is taking place May 16-18th in El...


Ecuador - Photography with Tom Ulrich

May 14, 2014 - May 26, 2014

A freelance photographer since 1975, Tom Ulrich is highly acclaimed around the world for his nature photography skills. Many of his...

Birding, Photo

Madagascar - An Odd Corner of the World with Gustafson Photo Safari

May 14, 2014 - May 31, 2014

Join Todd Gustafson to create exceptional images that capture the unique species and ecosystems which make Madagascar such a...


Iceland - Wildlife and Landscapes with AZADV

May 15, 2014 - May 22, 2014

Explore Iceland’s wildlife, geology, history, and culture with Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents and Volunteers. This 8-day...

Birding, Conservation, Natural History

Costa Rica - Natural History, Adventure, & Fun!

June 10, 2014 - June 18, 2014

If you’ve ever wished to travel to a country where you can see a great array of wildlife in a short period of time and experience...

Active Adventure, General Natural History

Tanzania - with Sarasota Audubon Society (Group 2)

June 13, 2014 - June 26, 2014

Slightly larger than the state of Texas, Tanzania boasts one of the largest bird lists in Africa and is home to over 1,000 species....


Iceland - Birding in the Land of Fire & Ice with San Diego Audubon Society

June 13, 2014 - June 22, 2014

Home to spectacular glaciers, thermal hot springs, and hundreds of volcanoes, it’s no wonder Iceland is known as the land of fire and...


Costa Rica - Field-Based Learning Seminar for Educators

June 20, 2014 - June 24, 2014

Join Holbrook Travel for an exciting five-day professional development workshop as you explore the habitats, wildlife, and natural...

Professional Development

Costa Rica - Family Birding and Nature

June 21, 2014 - June 28, 2014

Costa Rica, though small in size, is a bird-rich region with almost 900 resident, migrant, and endemic species. This 8-day program...

Birding, General Natural History, Intergenerational

Costa Rica - with Venetia Butler

June 21, 2014 - June 27, 2014

Join Venetia Butler for an adventure in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. While this small country has only about 0.25% of the...

General Natural History

Galápagos Islands - with Friends of the Bosque

June 25, 2014 - July 05, 2014

Experience natural wonders found nowhere else on earth during this unforgettable expedition into the captivating world of Flightless...

Birding, Conservation, Expedition Cruises, Natural History

Costa Rica - Exploration of Costa Rica`s Ecosystems with Johanna Ullrich

June 25, 2014 - July 04, 2014

Experience the diverse terrain of a tropical paradise on this 10-day adventure. Set in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is...

Adventure Travel, Natural History, Professional Development

Madagascar - Professional Development with Dr. Marylin Lisowski

July 08, 2014 - July 22, 2014

Join science professor Dr. Marylin Lisowski for a professional development experience that is out of this world! Journey to the “eighth...

Biology, Natural History, Professional Development

Galápagos Islands - Lord Fairfax College with Ann and Rob Simpson

July 09, 2014 - July 19, 2014

This 11-day program aboard M/Y Tip Top III invites you to photograph the serene volcanic landscape of the Galápagos Islands. In 1831,...

General Natural History, Photo

Iceland - Geological Wonders: Volcanoes & Glaciers

July 14, 2014 - July 22, 2014

Join us on a 9-day exploration of fascinating Iceland. This small country’s rich geologic history and northern latitude is an earth...

Earth Science, Professional Development

Galápagos Islands - Professional Development for Science Teachers with Randy Moore

July 22, 2014 - August 01, 2014

Join biologist and professor Randy Moore, author of the recently released "Understanding Galápagos: What You`ll See and What It Means"...

Biology, Conservation, Geology, Marine, Professional Development

Nicaragua - with Texas Association of Biology Teachers

July 26, 2014 - August 01, 2014

The tiny nation of Nicaragua is characterized by a remarkably high level of biodiversity for its size. One fifth of the country is...

Cultural Travel, Natural History, Professional Development

Rwanda - Quest for the Mountain Gorilla with Gustafson Photo Safari

August 09, 2014 - August 31, 2014

Gorilla tracking is an event dreamed of by many nature photographers and realized by few. The anticipation, preparation and physical...


Alaska - Photography with NANPA Foundation

August 10, 2014 - August 22, 2014

We invite you to join NANPA Foundation on this photographic adventure to capture the majestic wonders of the Alaskan wilderness under...

General Natural History, Photo

Brazil - Quest for the Jaguar in the Pantanal with Gustafson Photo Safari

September 22, 2014 - October 04, 2014

Shady lagoons, water hyacinth choked estuaries, and smooth sand beaches are the setting for this photographic adventure in the...


Costa Rica - Operation RubyThroat East

November 08, 2014 - November 16, 2014

Each winter since 2004-05, Dr. Bill Hilton Jr., executive director of Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History, has offered...

Biology, Birding, Citizen Science, Natural History, Professional Development

Costa Rica - Digital Photography in Nature with Gustafson Photo Safari

December 01, 2014 - December 10, 2014

Costa Rica’s vibrant flora and fauna offers photographic opportunities you will see nowhere else. This small, friendly country is home...


Costa Rica - Birding & Culture with Alan Gubanich

December 26, 2014 - January 04, 2015

The rich variety of habitats in Costa Rica make an ideal home for a large variety of birds and wildlife, including endemic species such...

Birding, Conservation, Cultural, General Natural History

Ecuador - Birding with Rick Greenspun

January 09, 2015 - January 18, 2015

Ecuador is a birder’s paradise, with more than 1,600 total species and a high number of rare and endemics. Join Rick Greenspun, expert...

Birding, Photo

Costa Rica - Photography Workshop with Milton Heiberg

February 04, 2015 - February 10, 2015

Capture the natural beauty of Costa Rica’s rain and cloud forests under the guidance of professional photographer Milton Heiberg....

General Natural History, Photo

Costa Rica - Artistic Adventure Tours with Mindy Lighthipe & Nancy Richmond

February 06, 2015 - February 15, 2015

The rich landscapes of Costa Rica are home to a unique and interesting array of flora and fauna, making this the perfect setting for an...

Botany, Photo

Argentina & Chile - Papritz Wine Tour

February 13, 2015 - February 21, 2015

Stretching along the foothills on either side of the majestic Andes Mountains, Argentina and Chile have emerged in recent decades as...

Active Adventure, Cultural, General Natural History

Panama - with Friends of the Bosque del Apache and Amigos de la Sevilleta

February 19, 2015 - March 02, 2015

A biologically privileged land bridge straddling two continents, the small country of Panama has more bird species than any other in...

Birding, General Natural History

Costa Rica - Birding with San Diego Audubon Society

March 02, 2015 - March 09, 2015

With almost 900 recorded species, Costa Rica’s avian biodiversity is surprisingly rich, especially in relation to the country’s...


Costa Rica - with Friends of the Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge

March 28, 2015 - April 03, 2015

Experience the abundant tropical bird life of Costa Rica’s Selva Verde Rainforest Reserve and the cloud forests at Savegre. With the...

Birding, General Natural History

Japan - Gardens, Gastronomy, & Tradition

April 18, 2015 - April 28, 2015

Known for its lavish gardens and rich culture dating centuries back, Japan is the ultimate Asian destination. While traveling through...

Cultural, Garden Tour, Holiday/Festival related