Birding the Route of the Maya: Part 10

Birding the Route of the Maya: Part 10

Jul 28, 2014| by administrator

Day 11: February 28, 2014


We drove to La Pintada near the Copan Ruins early this morning and then back to hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, went to Copan Ruins.  The ruins are close together and there were not any real woods in between. We saw the Macaw Project and birded as we walked in, but our local guide had the entire time to teach and explain to us about Copan.  It was really good, but also a challenging walk.  It was the hottest day and not a lot of shade.  We had a nice surprise picnic at the picnic tables in the shade. Itinerary says lunch at a local restaurant.


We returned to the hotel to rest and a few of us used the swimming pool.


We had a lecture from David Sedat on the history and archaeology of the ruins. After the lecture, we walked to have dinner at a local restaurant called Casa del Toro.  Itinerary says dinner at the hotel.

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