Mainland Ecuador is one of the best-kept travel secrets in South America. The mainland features many environments from the highlands to the Amazon, and offers travelers opportunities to experience indigenous Andean communities, butterflies, birds, and other biodiversity firsthand.

With expansive forests as far as the eye can see, Ecuador's national parks protect biodiversity hotspots and are excellent for birding. In this rare place of overabundance, it is possible to see everything from condors to macaws in one day.
Holbrook has long been deeply involved in the Ecuadorian countryside and community and relies on that involvement to prepare the best possible tours. Whether in the Amazon Basin or high in the Andes, our Ecuador expeditions lead travelers off the beaten path for an authentic travel experience.

Trips to Join

From $4,595


Ecuador | Birding and Photography with John Winnie Jr.

Aug 3, 2023 - Aug 16, 2023
From $3,295


Ecuador | Birding the Chocó-Andes

with Chris Eberly
Nov 7, 2023 - Nov 16, 2023
From $7,495


Nature and Birding in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest and Galápagos Islands

with Hawks Aloft
Jun 18, 2024 - Jun 29, 2024

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Private Journeys

Ecuador | Active Family Expedition in Ecuador

10 Days | Choose your dates
From $5,245

Natural History

Ecuador and Galápagos | Ultimate Ecuador: Biodiversity in the Amazon and Galápagos

12 Days | Choose your dates