Photo Gallery: The Birds of Iceland

Photo Gallery: The Birds of Iceland

Jun 27, 2014|Birding| by administrator

Participants traveling with San Diego Audubon Society just returned from a birding program in Iceland June 14-22, 2014. Their driver-guide, Helgi Gudmundsson, was kind enough to share some of the amazing photos of birds, landscapes, and other wildlife that he took during their journey. Enjoy! All photos belong to Helgi Gudmundsson. [gallery ids="9686,9687,9688,9689,9690,9691,9692,9693,9694,9695,9696,9697,9698,9699,9700,9701,9702,9703,9704,9705,9706,9707,9708,9709,9710,9711,9712,9713,9714,9715,9716,9717,9718,9719,9720,9721,9722,9723,9724,9725,9726,9727,9728,9729,9730,9731,9732,9733,9734,9735,9736,9737,9738,9739,9740,9741,9743,9745,9748,9749,9750,9751,9753,9756,9758,9760,9763,9764,9765,9766,9767,9768,9769,9770,9771,9772,9773,9774,9775,9776,9777,9778,9779,9780,9781,9782,9783,9784,9785,9786,9787,9788,9789,9790,9791,9792"]   You can travel with San Diego Audubon Society to Belize in 2015 View our Iceland offerings 

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