Gustafson Madagascar Trip: Day 10

Gustafson Madagascar Trip: Day 10

Jun 9, 2014| by administrator



Day 10: Berenty

It’s cool this morning so the lemurs are late rising (I didn’t really want to get out of my comfy bed either).  We had a nice breakfast before searching for a troop of Sifakas at a good point for us to get them crossing the red sand.  We ended up with a family group that crossed all over the place... every place other than where we had our cameras pointed.  The last crossing had three cross one after the other, but further than we wanted and with mixed shadows and light.  The rest of the morning we chased ring-tailed lemurs all over.  Troops of them came out to sun themselves on the red sand.  I got amazing looks into their personalities with lots of yawns, grooming, and eating seeds.  My best ever for this species!  Noon was relaxing eating lunch and talking through approaches for the dancing lemurs.

At 3:30, we got on the bus and went to a couple of new spots for dancing.  We didn’t have any come out so when Solofo called from the camp and said there was a new troop ready to dance we piled into the bus and floored it.  We made it about two minutes before a troop danced right across in front of the bus — all we could do is watch.  Back at the camp, Solofo was standing in the road desperately trying to delay the Sifakas that were ready to cross.  We got in position and got three chances before it got dark.  Can’t wait to see if anybody got good shots.  It’s a challenge and we have more chances as we go through the week.

Tonight is our first Berenty night walk.