Escape to the Jungle

Escape to the Jungle

Jan 17, 2013|Higher Education| by administrator

On Friday, January 11, two professors and eight students from New England College (NEC) headed to Logan International Airport to embark on an exciting journey. Where were they headed, you ask? 

New England College Group     Photo by Dr. Eric J. Simon

A few hints: This country is inhabited by the largest number of bird species in the world and the third largest number of mammals. It has also been referred to as one of the most biologically diverse places on earth.

Still stumped? The Peruvian Amazon!

Below you will find some pictures from the first few days of their trip, taken by Dr. Eric J. Simon, associate professor of biology at NEC. To follow Dr. Simon and the rest of his students on their Peruvian adventures, please visit his blog at

Monkey Takes a Ride in the Peruvian Amazon     Photo by Dr. Eric J. Simon

Frog in the Peruvian Amazon     Photo by Dr. Eric J. Simon

Just Climbing a Tree     Photo by Dr. Eric J. Simon

NEC Students in Peru     Photo by Dr. Eric J. Simon

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