Photo Gallery: Furry Friends from the Field

Photo Gallery: Furry Friends from the Field

Apr 11, 2019|Holbrook in the Field| by Christa Markley

Every year, staff members from Holbrook Travel journey all over the world to develop new programs, meet with in-country guides, and review pre-existing itineraries. They come back with a wealth of knowledge, exciting new ideas, and, usually, photographic evidence of the cats and dogs they met during their travels. Because most of Holbrook's staff members are devoted animal lovers, we can't resist snapping pictures of the furry friends we make wherever we go.

So, although this article may be a bit of a "fluff piece" (pun completely intended), we hope you enjoy the following collection of photos:

This floofy friend is a highly qualified co-captain for a boat ride in Argentina.

Who can resist a game of fetch on the sandy beaches of Belize?

This Peruvian friend thought she could get a bird's-eye view without being detected...

...but this Costa Rican pal didn't pay us any mind, opting instead for a secluded snooze.

This pooch in India found the perfect blissful blend of sun and shade.

Luckily, these Peruvian handicrafts can sell themselves!

By contrast, this Costa Rican pup is on hand to help you select the perfect miniature oxcart souvenir.

Passengers feel very safe when this watchful Alaskan seafarer is aboard.

We confirmed that this creature spotted in northern Peru is in fact a dog, and not a llama.

A real ear-scratcher, this installation art in Kenya thoughtfully comments on the duality of Cat.

We went to see the Monarch migration in Mexico, but couldn't help snapping a photo of this scamp enjoying the cool tile.

This Cuban cutie is sure to melt the hearts of all who cross his path (we were no exception).


photos by Laura Hare, Frank Richmond, Stephanie Kowacz, Pelin Karaca, Lauren Gonzalez, Jennifer Bruck, and Debbie Jordan