Meet Our Staff: Laurie McLaughlin

Meet Our Staff: Laurie McLaughlin

Aug 26, 2014| by administrator

Laurie McLaughlin
Job title: Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Worked at Holbrook Travel since: 1987
Born: Forest, Mississippi


Laurie received a bachelor's degree in general business administration and physical education at Mississippi State University. After completion of a travel agent training program being offered by Holbrook Travel, Laurie joined the staff and worked her way from a retail agent to her current position as vice president.


Laurie has traveled all over the world including Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands, Brazil, Chile, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Iceland, throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean.


While traveling she has been known to accidentally drive on the wrong side of the road, nearly giving her co-workers mini heart attacks.


When she's not at the office, she's usually beating someone at tennis or spending time with her many great nieces and nephews.


This year Laurie celebrated 27 years at Holbrook. Congratulations Laurie, and thanks for everything you do! You're a superhero in disguise.