Lions in Tanzania
Todd Gustafson, Gustafson Photo Safari

2021 Calendar & Holbrook Guide Fund

2021 Calendar & Holbrook Guide Fund

Dec 3, 2020|NewsWhere we travel| by Holbrook Travel

Our in-country guides are indispensable to the work we do. If you've traveled with us before, you know that these talented individuals are capable of making a great trip truly extraordinary.

Unfortunately, this year’s sharp downturn in travel has adversely affected our guides, who rely on tourism income for their livelihoods. Many of you have already expressed interest in showing appreciation for the invaluable experiences that guides create. We feel very humbled by the outpouring of goodwill we've witnessed, and grateful to be able to connect our travelers with our guides, both in the field and beyond.

If you’d like to join us in showing financial support, you can do so in one of two ways:

1. Order a Holbrook 2021 calendar

Usually this time of year means announcing our 2021 Holbrook calendar of traveler-submitted photos, but as you know, 2020 threw us all for a loop. In spite of everything, we wanted to continue our calendar tradition as a true celebration of our travels in years past. We’ve gone back through past submissions and selected our favorite shots that didn’t make it into that year's final calendar. We always have an abundance of amazing photos to choose from!

We are offering our printed 2021 calendar in conjunction with donations to our Holbrook Guide Fund. You can place an order for your calendar with a minimum $10 donation to the fund. If you're able to give more, we do encourage larger donations, as unfortunately there are printing and mailing costs to factor in. The balance of the funds raised will be directly distributed to our community of guides, equally among them.

Click here to order a 2021 calendar.

This year's cover shot is a tender moment captured in Tanzania by Todd Gustafson. (Scroll down to see the full image and read the story behind the photo.)

Special thanks to all our photographers for contributing their beautiful images: Todd Gustafson | Gustafson Photo Safari, Vince Lamb, Jackie Kramer, Eric Simon | New England College, Karen Hunt, Gary Sargent, Ann & Rob Simpson, Sean Traynor, Sharon Barnett | Marin Nature Adventures, Cindy Cone Photography, Susan Lessner, and Jamie & Susan Suplee.

2. Donate to the Holbrook Guide Fund

If you'd like to forgo the calendar but still want to make a donation to the Guide Fund, contributions can be made through PayPal by clicking the link below. 100% of the funds will be directly distributed equally among our community of guides.

Click here to donate directly to the Holbrook Guide Fund.

We know that in this year more than any other, it is no small request to collect monetary donations. Please only give what you are able to, and know that the donation is deeply appreciated. Thank you to those who have already donated!

2021 Calendar Cover:

"When lions are spread across the plains, they signal to each other: when there's been a kill, when it's time to join the males, when it's time to gather and move the pride. These times of reuniting are magic for a photographer. The members sometimes come from great distances to share news and renew the pride's bond. Here, two sisters have come together in the soft early light of a new day and greet each other. Taken in the Ngorongoro Crater with Canon 1DX camera and 600 f4 lens."

Todd Gustafson
Tanzania | Gustafson Photo Safari