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Changing our tune: Announcing Holbrook's new hold music

Changing our tune: Announcing Holbrook's new hold music

Aug 26, 2019|News| by Holbrook Travel

The next time you call the Holbrook office, you might notice something different—we've changed our hold music! President Andrea Holbrook explains:

"I grew up listening to my father’s folkloric music from Chile, where he is from, as well as a good bit of classical and opera. I don’t remember particularly liking the folk artists he played, like Víctor Jara, Violeta Parra, and Los Chalchaleros. They were just there—part of our family life. Little did I know this music had taken root in my heart. Later on, as a college student and into my adult life, I discovered that I love this music. This love of music and especially the songs from other countries have been a huge source of joy for me and a great window to experience and appreciate the world. Much like smells and taste, music can help you relive an experience like no other sense can. So, we thought we would put together a brief playlist of our “on hold” music. The tunes on this list are quite a mix. From Cuba to South Africa, these pieces were picked as favorites that might not be too loud for a brief listen while on hold. We sincerely hope that you enjoy them!"

  1. Por Un Amor, Linda Ronstadt
  2. Dos Arbolitos, Linda Ronstadt. Music from Mexico, artist from US
  3. Hana (Blossoms), Lily Laskine, Jean-Pierre Rampal. Music from Japan, artists from France
  4. Murmullo, Buena Vista Social Club. Artist & Music from Cuba
  5. Dame Tu Fuerza, Fortuna. Artist & Music from Brazil
  6. Gymnopédies: No. 3, Erik Satie, Alessandra Celletti. Music from France, artist from Italy
  7. Negra Presentuosa, Susana Baca. Artist & Music from Peru
  8. Untold Story, Sibongile Khumalo. Artist & Music from South Africa