Jamie Dench

World Water Day

World Water Day

Mar 22, 2016|News| by Holbrook Travel

Each year on March 22nd people from across the globe become aware of water related issues and the opportunities to help aid them. This day is known as World Water Day and each year the United Nations sets a theme for the day that corresponds to a current or future challenge.

This year’s theme is focusing on water-related jobs. Several workers are unrecognized and unprotected from their work. Every hour 38 workers die from water- related diseases; women have to walk every day to get water for their families, whom are unpaid or recognized, and 1 billion people working in agriculture, fishing and forestry depend on quantity and quality of water for survival. Water is a central system for our survival and affects all of us even to the smallest degree. Since the 1980s, freshwater has been declining 1% per year because of growing demand in developing countries. Not only that, about 40% of the global population is suffering from lack of water resources.

So what can be done about this? How can you help in this current crisis? One way is to visit http://www.waterday.org/ and participate in one of three ways (or all) to donate to the cause. You can also help by just participating in these minor activities: Post on social media on how water is part of your daily job, make an artwork about what water means to you, write a song, organize a lesson on water, and develop a game or an app. These are only a few of several activities to bring awareness of the current crisis we’re in.