Memories for a Lifetime

Memories for a Lifetime

Jan 23, 2013|Higher Education| by administrator

After eight awe-inspiring days in the Peruvian Amazon, the New England College group boarded a plane and said goodbye to the rainforest. The trip left students and professors alike with memories to last for a lifetime. Dr. Eric J. Simon compiled a list of the group’s favorite experiences and moments that really stood out.

NEC Group in Peru     Photo by Dr. Eric J. Simon 

We would like to share just a few of these comments with you:

“Our time at the Amazon Research Center was definitely not what I was expecting. Seeing all the information that was still out there to be found about the felines of the Amazon in Peru gave me a little insight into what I may want to do in my future. For this alone I can say that this trip has been truly life changing.” (Morganne)   “My favorite experience would have to be the zip-lining. I had never done it before, and the rush of adrenaline that came with it was like nothing else I had ever done. The view from the top was astounding and the ride itself was amazing! What a rush!” (Liam)   “Our guide Wemmie and I stopped by the clinic in Esperanza to drop off the medical supplies we brought. The nurses were very appreciative, and asked us to describe the use of each item to make sure they understood. It was very gratifying to help out the clinic in the good work that they are performing.” (Eric) 

To read the rest of Dr. Simon’s blog and all the comments from the NEC trip participants, please visit

Goodbye Peru     Photo by Dr. Eric J. Simon

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